Discounts & Promos for October

Don’t wait! These Kindle Countdown Deals won’t last. Only for the month of October!

Get the complete Gumboots & Gumshoe Series (regular price $4.99 US) for just:

$2.99 from October 5 – 6th on

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1.99 GBN (pounds sterling) from October 5 – 9th on

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Get Valentino – a magical tale of survival for 49% off.

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Get The River Bend Trilogy – One Frosty Christmas, The Great Pumpkin Ride & A Filly Called Easter at almost 50% off

3 Days Only!  Fall Sale!

October 27 – 29th

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NEW Release – 15 minute Sci-Fi adventure for YA/Teens

Just Released – Butterfly Becoming: The Rise of the Butterfly – The Beginning

If you love The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner, you will enjoy the first in a series of short stories about girl who finds her wings in this hard hitting action packed adventure.

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Interview with Carly Kade

I was interviewed by Carly Kade, a wonderful writer and equestrian, a few months ago. This arrived in my in box on my birthday. lol What a lovely present.

Valentino on sale from June 6 – June 13th only!

Valentino: ON SALE for $1.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited to June 13th.

A Stand Alone Story – Inspired by a true story (YA, Teen, Adult).

A blind girl and a Haida boy are stranded on opposite sides of a desolate island in the middle of winter. While the Native boy has a wealth of knowledge and Haida heritage to draw on, the blind girl must rely on her guide dog and an abandoned horse to help her survive.

Inspired by the true story of the horse that got left behind on Jedidiah Island when it was donated to B.C. Parks and a woman who survived for ten days after being shipwrecked on a remote coastline in Haida Gwaii. Available in print, e-book and audio book.

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It’s here! The Grand Finale in the Gumboot, Gumshoe & Murder Series

Murder Most Fowl (Book 3: The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series) (the Grand Finale)

A cop, a pig, & a farmer know something smells fowl.

Secrets are revealed. Passion is ignited. Angels get their wings.

Gertrude finds a new buddy in Betty’s new partner, a drug sniffing German Shepherd named Champ.


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