The Holiday Series – For Horse Lovers

The Holiday Series Boxed Set. NEW RELEASE!

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Includes all of these Hallmark/Disney style of favorites including One Frosty Christmas, The Great Pumpkin Ride, A Filly Called Easter, Independence and Valentino.

Fueled by imagination. Inspired by life. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

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One Frosty Christmas – A heartwarming, hanky waving, Christmas classic

(Book 1: The Riverbend Trilogy)

Teased by the local kids for being a city girl and an amputee, Hannah Storey feels alone and isolated just like the old mustang she sees on the way to and from school every day. Hannah vows to save the pony the local kids have cruelly nicknamed Frostbite from freezing to death or being sent to slaughter, but events spiral out of control. Will Hannah be able to save the pony? Will the townsfolk of River Bend ever accept her? Maybe Hannah Storey is just what the town needs to remember what love, friendship and Christmas is really about.

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The Great Pumpkin Ride – A glorious romp filled with adventure, humor, suspense and mystery!

(Book 2: The Riverbend Trilogy)

If you camped out at a haunted cabin in the woods on Halloween night, would you leave your horse saddled?  If you painted your pony purple and changed its name to Purple Lightning, will it run faster? What is the mysterious ring of stones in the meadow surrounding the abandoned trapper’s cabin in the woods?  To discover the answers to these questions, join The Great Pumpkin Ride today…go ahead…we dare you!

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A Filly Called Easter – This story is one of my favs. It has it all: adventure, suspense, and is a page turner

(Book 3: The Riverbend Trilogy)

When eleven year-old Linda McCloud sets eyes on the beautiful, and very pregnant, palomino filly named “Easter”, all dreams of owning a new barrel racing horse fly out the window. When Mother Nature enters the fray, it’s up to Linda and her friends to save the life of Easter and her unborn foal.  A Filly Called Easter was loosely based on a true story.

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The Complete River Bend Trilogy (3 books in 1):One Frosty Christmas, The Great Pumpkin Ride, A Filly Called Easter

Join Hannah Storey on her quest to save a frostbitten old mustang from its cruel owner in One Frosty Christmas, unravel the mystery behind a strange ring of stones Hannah and her friends discover in the woods in The Great Pumpkin Ride, and take on Mother Nature to help little Linda McCloud save Easter and her unborn foal in A Filly Called Easter.

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Independence – A Stand Alone Story that sizzles, literally, it’s a smoking read – pun intended.

Two independent women seek to find common ground in a world on fire.

(Formerly called Two Independents)

Rogue wolves, love-struck cowboys, & a cattle drive awaits Susie Stetler as she steps into an unwanted summer in the mountains with her grandmother & eight-year old step-brother. The dread-locked surfer girl can only dream of riding the waves in California as she fights to survive one of the hottest summers on record. In the end, Susie must make a life-altering decision, one that if she’s wrong, could cost her grandmother and step-brother their lives.

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Valentino: A Stand Alone Story – Inspired by a true story (YA, Teen, Adult).

“A beautifully written, enthralling book.” Canadian Horse Journals. READ the full interview at The Canadian Horse Journals.

A blind girl and a Haida boy are stranded on opposite sides of a desolate island in the middle of winter. While the Native boy has a wealth of knowledge and Haida heritage to draw on, the blind girl must rely on her guide dog and an abandoned horse to help her survive.

Inspired by the true story of the horse that got left behind on Jedidiah Island when it was donated to B.C. Parks and a woman who survived for ten days after being shipwrecked on a remote coastline in Haida Gwaii. Available in print, e-book and audio book.

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