Artists for Cancer Fundraiser

I was thrilled when I was asked by the president of Select Services Films if I would allow One Frosty Christmas to be a part of the fundraising effort for The Izzy Foundation which helps families with children with cancer. Of course, I said, “Yes, I am in”.  The film company has offered a production credit for the movie.

I wrote One Frosty Christmas after a cancer scare landed me in the hospital for major surgery in 2001. I was lucky. The cysts that were removed off of my spine proved to be benign and the related surgery done to remove suspect tissue was a success as well.

Cancer is borderless and crosses all age and face barriers. I lost both of my parents to cancer and numerous friends.

Without further ado, here is the link (just click on the list of items – film and TV):


Want to be part of the arts community, but aren’t artistic by nature

In short order, I will be featuring a Patreon page where for a small subscription per month, you can be part of my company, Running L Productions. I am very excited to join Patreon.

I have mentored some best selling authors through my independent publishing courses, by sharing details on how I got started and what you need to know in order to not get fleeced in the ever complicated world of self-publishing. I will also share how I managed to become a multi-optioned screenwriter.

Coming soon, I will be offering you a chance to listen to podcasts as well as both join me and be a part of the writing process. Of course, there will be some really cool free stuff and some powerful offers to participate in the writing of a brand new series. One or two lucky aspiring writers might even get to join me in writing one of my novels.

Stay tuned fellow dreamers, readers and writers.

I’ve got you covered.