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Friends and fans of Laura Hesse tell her she’s got that covered.

Running L Productions is a small independent publishing house located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The company opened in 2003. It is managed and operated by Laura Hesse, a multi-talented writer with a background in marketing, sales, real estate, and forestry.

Laura has sold over 30,000 books in her popular YA equines series, The Holiday Series, and garnered national coverage on Chek 6 TV, Shaw Cable, and has been interviewed by numerous newspaper and magazines including The Nanaimo Daily News and The Canadian Horse Journals, to name but a few.

Want to know what fans of Vancouver Island author and screenwriter already know, then check out her reviews.

Click on this link to view an interview with Laura Hesse by Shaw Cable on Facebook, listen to the 88.5 The Beach radio interview, or meet Laura and learn what inspired her to write The Holiday Series.




Running L Productions, Vancouver Island, British Columbia,  Canada          Email:  laura@RunningLProductions.com

Phone:  (250) 248-7589