About Laura

Laura Hesse wrote her first novel, One Frosty Christmas, while recovering from major surgery in 2001.  The story was inspired by a young lady that she met while volunteering with Nanaimo Therapeutic Riding and a frostbitten mustang that arrived at Thunderbird Show Park on route from Wyoming to northern British Columbia . When the initial print run of One Frosty Christmas sold out in three days, Laura knew that she was right to follow her heart.

Her novels have made it to the top 5 on the Amazon sales list in Easter books (A Filly Called Easter) and in the top 50 in Christmas novels for Young Adults (One Frosty Christmas). Both are optioned for film.

Laura’s favorite message to kids during her school readings is: “Ride.  Read.  Write.  Love.  Dream.  And don’t be afraid to paddle upstream!”

School Reading

School Reading

Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world.”  ~Josephine Demott Robinson

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