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My friends and family tell me that I’ve got that covered.

My first horse was a Thoroughbred cross gelding named Andy’s Pride. My second was a sweet little Quarter Horse mare named Chic, followed by a Norwegian Fjord mare named Sally (aka Pumpkin Sally), and a paint stallion named Patch. All have passed over the rainbow now and I am a better person for having had them in my life. Life with critters does that to you.

After high school I decided I was going to save the forests and the oceans singled handed, and enrolled in the forestry program at Sault College of Arts & Applied Technology in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Between all too close encounters with bears and friendly skunks, to hiding from ball lightning as it rolled across the treetops over my head, to having my eyebrows burnt off and lungs seared running to escape a forest fire, I decided to simply donate to Green Peace, recycle my garbage, and move on. That, and an outhouse had become a luxury item.  I want my showers hot and my toilets to flush.

Move over Heartland – Hannah Storey’s coming up

on the inside rail!

I wrote One Frosty Christmas in 2001.  The story was inspired by a young lady that I met while volunteering with Nanaimo Therapeutic Riding and a frostbitten mustang that arrived at Thunderbird Show Park on route from Wyoming to northern British Columbia.  I lost my father to cancer a year before the book’s release. In many ways, Hannah Storey’s learning to cope with loss is based on my own loss of someone I loved dearly.

All of my novels and several original screenplays are currently under option to Select Services Films in LA. Details will be released as I am able.

Whether it’s a horse tale or a wickedly black murder/mystery, I live to write. Enjoy the ride and read on.

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