The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series

Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder

A cop, a pig & a serial killer walk into a bar….if you like Miss Marple, Fargo, or Twin Peaks, then you will love this entertaining dark comedy about a cop and her potbellied pig who stumble upon one bizarre death after the other on a not so sleepy little west coast island. LISTEN NOW AT:  Audible.UK  Audible.FR  Audible.DE

Deeds CD with credit

The second book in The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series is now out in audio book. The Dastardly Mr. Deeds, narrated by the accomplished narrator, Carrie Burgess, is now available on Audible and Amazon worldwide. Carrie did a wonderful job, like she did with Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder at capturing the world of Seal Island and all of its quirky characters. Enjoy the second installment in the trilogy: LISTEN  NOW AT:  Audible.UK  Audible.DE

Fowl CD with creditMURDER MOST FOWL – the third book in The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series. Secrets are revealed and angels get their wings. Find out the answers to the mysteries of the 3 bizarre deaths on a not so sleepy little west coast island in the grand finale to the original trilogy.  LISTEN NOW AT:  Audible.UK  Audible.DE


JUST RELEASED – The Complete Gumboot & Gumshoe Series – Trilogy

Sgt Betty Bruce wants to retire, now if only her pot-belled pig, Gertrude, would stop finding bodies… or parts of them. As Betty delves deeper into three bizarre deaths plus a severed foot & body found on the beach, she discovers the answers may lay within the pages of one of the victims murder mystery books.

Now available in e-book, print & audio book. Includes: Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder, The Dastardly Mr. Deeds & Murder Most Fowl. BUY NOW on:,, Amazon.australia

Also available in audio book on Amazon & Audible: