The Unicorn Daze Series – audio books

unicorn daze 1 - 3 audioNOTE TO LISTENERS OF THE AUDIO BOOKS: The Unicorn Daze Series is based on a series of short stories I performed at middle schools during school readings. I tried to capture the feel of my grandparents tall tales of storytelling when the whole family was gathered around the kitchen table playing cards at their summer cottage. I can still hear my grandfather’s voice in my head all these many, many years later reciting the tale of the Headless Horseman, Paul Bunyan, and his cavalry horse, Big Red.

The kids loved this series of short stories. The readings were made up of several classes from Grades 1 – 4, with special needs children also in attendance. This is what started me reading these stories in the play format so that the younger and older children as well as those with learning disabilities could follow along. It proved very successful and a couple of teachers urged me to publish them.

From some of my reviewers comments on Audible, children aged 3 – 5 are really hooked on this format, but adults may find it distracting. No problem though, just ask the kids to explain it. lol

A huge bouquet of thanks to reviewers

I have been very humbled over the last few days with the many wonderful reviews left by readers and listeners alike. Your kind words have truly meant a lot to me, and to my narrators as well. A huge amount of time, anywhere from 2 months to two years went into the writing of my novels, depending on how much research was involved. Yes, I said, ‘research’. My narrators had to some research to pronounce names and prayers as well, not to mention the endless hours of editing on any given project.

I went to the Natural History Museum in Victoria and Vancouver and spoke to the gracious folks at the Heads Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre to make sure that I had the write details on the clothes worn by Cree, Blackfoot, and the Metis for my ghostly warriors in The Great Pumpkin Ride as well as to get more information on Medicine Wheels and Blackfoot ceremonial dances. I had visited there in the past, and recommend it to anyone passing through that area in Alberta. In Valentino, I had to not only interview folks about Will, the horse that got left behind, but visit Jedidiah Island and research the wild foods and heritage vegetables that were growing there or that could grow there in the winter.

So….in closing, thank you to all.

May all your mounts be swift and your trails be filled with beauty,

Laura Hesse

The King of Christmas – audio book released ahead of schedule

The King of Christmas – click here for a preview

When the three little pigs give Santa’s reindeer the Swine Flu the night before Christmas, it is up to Jessie and Gus to help Santa save Christmas.  Audible.UK   Audible.FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK

Off to the Mane Event in Chilliwack today!

Heading to Chilliwack with two other equine authors for the stupendous Mane Event. If you love horses, then this is the place to be! Amazing demos, clinicians, and of course, the trade show. We will be in the Equine Authors of Canada booth, #103. Come for a visit and lets chat horses and writing. See you there.

Woohooo…just in time for Halloween!

The audio book for The Great Pumpkin Ride is now available around the world on Amazon and itunes:

Just Released: The Great Pumpkin Ride – click here for a preview

A mysterious ring of stones in a clearing…an abandoned old trapper’s cabin in the woods… Flickering lights in the forest…the sound of hoof beats in the night…go ahead, we dare you. Join The Great Pumpkin Ride for the ride of a lifetime. We dare you!

In print, e-book and now in audio book.  Audible.UK   Audible.FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK