A huge bouquet of thanks to reviewers

I have been very humbled over the last few days with the many wonderful reviews left by readers and listeners alike. Your kind words have truly meant a lot to me, and to my narrators as well. A huge amount of time, anywhere from 2 months to two years went into the writing of my novels, depending on how much research was involved. Yes, I said, ‘research’. My narrators had to some research to pronounce names and prayers as well, not to mention the endless hours of editing on any given project.

I went to the Natural History Museum in Victoria and Vancouver and spoke to the gracious folks at the Heads Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre to make sure that I had the write details on the clothes worn by Cree, Blackfoot, and the Metis for my ghostly warriors in The Great Pumpkin Ride as well as to get more information on Medicine Wheels and Blackfoot ceremonial dances. I had visited there in the past, and recommend it to anyone passing through that area in Alberta. In Valentino, I had to not only interview folks about Will, the horse that got left behind, but visit Jedidiah Island and research the wild foods and heritage vegetables that were growing there or that could grow there in the winter.

So….in closing, thank you to all.

May all your mounts be swift and your trails be filled with beauty,

Laura Hesse

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