The Silver Spurs Series

Review of The Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls

Good fun for any Cowgirl. Would love to watch the movie too. Could not put it down once it took speed.” Amazon Review

What a wonderful way to spend an evening!!! This book was so fun and wow, what a crazy bunch of Old ladies!! I loved it as I’m almost there myself. I loved every character even the bad guys. There’s so much living, laughing, and loving left in us as we age!!! And oh the stories we can tell!!!! Thank you for such a delightful book!” Amazon Review.

I really enjoyed this! Funny and interesting characters, both two- and four- footed. I am an animal lover so found the book extra appealing. Author is really good at describing the ranch and it’s setting. Made me want to be there. Can’t wait to see what awaits the Montana family, friends, and animals. ” Amazon Review



When you mix a jailed, convicted felon with four cowgirl grandmas and an engagement, chaos follows. Two grandma’s are kidnapped, but not the right ones. Two grandma’s go to Mexico to get ransom money. All four are in for the adventure of their lives. This is the second book in the series. It is best read with its predecessor. ” Amazon Review