The Lucifer & Mary Jane Series

A fast paced paranormal action adventure for angel romance lovers

The Devil doesn’t fly topside, he rides!

Mary Jane can’t remember who killed her or how she ended up in front of the Pearly Gates with Saint Peter blocking her way.  She was nice to everyone! Who killed her with one of the Goddess Diana’s arrows? Who hated her that much besides all the arch-angels in Heaven and possibly God? It wasn’t her fault she was a Nephilim, half-angel and half-human. At least her Uncle Lucifer cares…maybe.

When Lucifer’s prized horses are stolen from the Hell Fire Stables, he orders Mary Jane to return upside to find them. The biggest problem our heroine faces: she’s fallen in love with one of the bandits and has a terrible choice to make: deliver him to her Uncle Lucifer or sacrifice her eternity in Hell to save him? And then there is the question of who killed her? Life after death can be complicated.

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