The Silver Spurs Series

The Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls: Book One in The Silver Spurs Series

A dead guy, a Saint Bernard and an old lady walk into an outhouse –

okay two out of three do!

The Montana had a great idea to save their ranch…

When the Montana family take in four saucy senior ladies and their horses, life gets complicated indeed. Turns out three of the four women aren’t cowgirls and all of their horses are stallions. Throw in a cheating husband and a jealous mistress, the word ‘baggage’ takes on a whole new meaning. Oh, and then there is the wanted felon on the loose in the hills and two men vying for the hand of a pretty widow.

If you think senior living means the party is over, then you haven’t spent a night at the Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls where romance is in the air and flirting with another woman’s man can be murder. Do you know what your grandmother is up to?

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Coming Soon – Winter 2021/2022 – Bandits, Broads & Dirty Dawgs and Who Killed Cade – in audio book