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5 ways to get publicity with Steve Harrison!

This is a great video. I do quite a bit of freelance work for my local newspaper and make use of seasonal hooks to get my articles published. Recently, I re-published an article about the gifting of PSH George to HRH Queen Elizabeth II as a means of promoting the RCMP Musical Ride and their auction. Visit I scooped the competing newspaper and was awarded the contract to cover the event. This in turn has sparked 3 new paid articles. It not only boosts my on-line “face” but I can see a direct spike in sales of my equine series of books after a particularly interesting article is published on-line with my name on it. It goes hand-in-hand with my use of tags on my blog and Amazon book sellers site.

Hope all my fellow writer’s subscribe and watch Steve’s blog. Just follow this link.


The Beach 88.5 Radio Interview

A special thanks to Dave Graham of the Beach 88.5 Radio station. We recently did an interview on how the rise of e-books has opened up the world to independent publishers. I made a slide show of the interview…hey, I’m shameless when self-marketing. lol Hope this helps anyone of thinking of making the switch to independent publishing: