5 ways to get publicity with Steve Harrison!

This is a great video. I do quite a bit of freelance work for my local newspaper and make use of seasonal hooks to get my articles published. Recently, I re-published an article about the gifting of PSH George to HRH Queen Elizabeth II as a means of promoting the RCMP Musical Ride and their auction. Visit http://www.oceansidestar.com/news/a-special-breed-1.566649 I scooped the competing newspaper and was awarded the contract to cover the event. This in turn has sparked 3 new paid articles. It not only boosts my on-line “face” but I can see a direct spike in sales of my equine series of books after a particularly interesting article is published on-line with my name on it. It goes hand-in-hand with my use of tags on my blog and Amazon book sellers site.

Hope all my fellow writer’s subscribe and watch Steve’s blog. Just follow this link. http://yourquantumleap.com/preview/5-ways-to-get-publicity-anybody-can-use/#comment-2773


The Beach 88.5 Radio Interview

A special thanks to Dave Graham of the Beach 88.5 Radio station. We recently did an interview on how the rise of e-books has opened up the world to independent publishers. I made a slide show of the interview…hey, I’m shameless when self-marketing. lol Hope this helps anyone of thinking of making the switch to independent publishing: http://youtu.be/lh6INriOddE