About Laura

Taking a break at Englishmen River

“My first horse was a Thoroughbred cross gelding named Andy’s Pride. My second was a sweet little Quarter Horse mare named Chic, followed by a Norwegian Fjord mare named Sally (aka Pumpkin Sally), and a paint stallion named Patch. All have passed over the rainbow now and I am a better person for having had them in my life. Life with critters does that to you.

I wrote One Frosty Christmas in 2001.  The story was inspired by a young lady that I met while volunteering with Nanaimo Therapeutic Riding and a frostbitten mustang that arrived at Thunderbird Show Park on route from Wyoming to northern British Columbia.  I lost my father to cancer a year before the book’s release. In many ways, Hannah Storey’s learning to cope with loss is based on my own loss of someone I loved dearly.”

Several original screenplays are currently under option to Select Services Films in LA.

Whether it’s a horse tale or a wickedly black murder/mystery, Hesse loves to write as much as she loves to read.

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Promo Hesse & Sally
Laura & “Pumpkin” Sally – in memory 1986 – 2013