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The Dastardly Mr. Deeds (Book Two: The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series)

JUST RELEASED – $0.99 from March 19, 2019 to April 30, 2019 – Don’t delay – Get it now!

A cop, a pot-bellied pig, and an undertaker know something is a foot.

Sgt Betty Bruce is having a bad day… Three bizarre deaths and a confession that isn’t a confession…

A severed foot in a sneaker that her pot-bellied pig won’t give up… A body of a young woman dubbed The Painted Lady has just washed up on shore…

A young detective with an itchy trigger finger tasered her father’s cow and the locals want to lynch him…

Her dead boyfriend willed her his house … and she has been told to stay out of the way of Chief Inspector Tom Powder.

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The Unicorn Daze Series: Books One – Six:  Gus, The Flood, The Unicorn King, The Unicorn & The Dragon, The King of Christmas, & The Unicorn Wears Red

Enjoy the first six books in The Unicorn Daze Series today. Available in print and e-book. Coming to audio book soon.  Amazon.australia

Also available on Amazon in audio book.