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Book four: The Unicorn & The Dragon

The ghost of Sir Lancelot helps Jessie and Gus stop a dragon from destroying the Great Plains and even Time itself. Jessie discovers how to release the power of the magical Karkadan horn to do good and Gus finds the courage to live up to being the son of The Unicorn King. Coming soon to audio book. Available in print and e-book.   Amazon.australia


Book five: The King of Christmas

The three little pigs visit to the North Pole the day before Christmas ends in disaster when they give the Reindeer the Swine Flu, leaving Jessie and Gus the task of convincing the Unicorn King to help save Christmas, even it means breaking one of the unicorn’s most strict laws. Coming soon to audio book. Available in print and e-book.  Amazon.australia


Independence audio book  Audible.UK  Audible.FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK

What do a surfer chic and a cowboy have in common? Nothing until the temperature starts to rise.


Valentino – click here for a preview

An abandoned horse comes to the aid of a blind girl and a Native boy after they are shipwrecked on opposite sides of a desolate island on the west coast in the middle of winter. Inspired by the true story of Will, the horse that got left behind on Jedidiah Island when it was turned over to BC. Parks. Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE Amazon.UK



The Dastardly Mr. Deeds, the second book in The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series. It is one of the toughest books that I have written as I have to write two books in one. I don’t want to get too much into the plot with this as I’ll give too much away. Suffice to say that Gertrude and Sgt Betty Bruce return in a search for the answers to the feet in sneakers that keep washing up on the beaches on various islands along the British Columbia coastline, including Seal Island. Between the sawed off feet and the body of a woman that washes up on shore, Betty has her hands full so is it any wonder that she has to put her search for a serial killer on hold.