New Releases – Valentino, Gus & The Flood

Just Released! Only available on Amazon in print and e-book. Click here for a preview.

Valentino is an inspiring story about love and survival. It is the last book in the Holiday Series. It is inspired by the true story of a woman who was shipwrecked on the wild west coast of Haida Gwaii for ten days, the paint horse who was left behind on Jedidiah Island when it was donated to BC Parks, and a blind girl named Maddie whose indomitable spirit is an inspiration to us all.

A lot of research has gone into the writing of this novel from Haida legends to winter gardening and homesteading, not to mention the interviews with all those who were willing to share their stories of Will, the horse that got left behind. Will has passed away now, but his life touched the hearts of many.

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Coming Soon – in the Summer of 2018 is the audio book of The Great Pumpkin Ride, narrated again by the very talented, Leslie Howard.

Gus – Unicorn Daze: Book One

Young Jessie is always being left behind. When she gets lost in a corn maze on Halloween Eve, she is befriended by a unicorn who takes her on an adventure to meet the Spirit Bear who guards the pumpkin patch from a pumpkin stealing rat.

Just Released!


The Flood – Unicorn Daze: Book Two

Join Jessie and Gus as they travel back in time to meet Noah and his wife, minutes before the Great Flood.

Learn what happened to those silly unicorns and why they didn’t get on the ark.

Just released.