Fan requests – The Silver Spurs Series

Because of fan requests, I will add one more book to The Silver Spurs Series!

I had a rough plot line for a Christmas story that I planned on turning into a screenplay, but I realized it could easily be re-worked into a Christmas novella and be a ‘special edition’ to The Silver Spurs Series. I plan on working on it this spring and summer with the idea of an early November release. If you haven’t already, just start following me on Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads or here on my blog. I’m not going to give away any spoilers except that it will be set 10 years in the future. lol

Thank you to everyone who left such heartfelt reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I heard you!

February is Equine Love Month

Check out the February Deals! Why? Because its February and February means romance. Whether you love a little angel romance or teen romance, these two books will tug at your heart strings – in a good way.

Lucifer and Mary Jane: All the Devil’s Horses: Who killed Mary Jane & stole the devil’s horses? Is she willing to sacrifice her afterlife to save the man she loves? Will it cause Armageddon? The afterlife is complicated. It’s only $0.99 until February 25th. Order now on Amazon:

Don’t forget to check out my interview on this book and its creation at Pen in Hand.

Valentino: “A beautifully written enthralling book!” Canadian Horse Journals. A coming of age teen romance about an abandoned horse who comes to the aid of a blind girl and her seeing eye dog and a Haida boy after they are shipwrecked on opposite sides of a desolate island on the West Coast in the middle of winter. Inspired by the true story of Will, the horse that got left behind.

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