Warrior Artists for change

If you are on Facebook, then please join me in celebrating and posting about “Warrior Artists”. What is a Warrior Artist?

A Warrior Artist was a phrase coined by celebrated Canadian iconic artist, Ken Kirkby, as artists who use their art as a platform or fundraising process to bring about change…one person, one voice, at a time. Whether your medium is film, paintings, the written word, I would all like to hear from you.

Many Vancouver Island artists including Larry and Dee Aquilar, Joan Larson, Ken Kirkby and Ted Jolda, routinely donate their time and artwork to local and international causes and charities.

Let’s celebrate and take inspiration from these amazing folks. Join us at http://www.facebook.com/warriorartists and tell the world about the what you or the wonderful people you know are doing to inspire others.

Running L Productions expands

Running L Productions is expanding its services to include: audio books, CD recording and production (in conjunction with Stewart Sound), full video recording services for musicians and businesses, as well as publicity contracts (by referral only).

In 2013, watch for the release of several music videos and audio book CD’s of One Frosty Christmas, The Great Pumpkin Ride and A Filly Called Easter by Christmas.

Contact: Laura Hesse by email at RunningL@shaw.ca or by phone (250) 248-7589 for details.