By Popular request of fans of The Silver Spur Series

Okay, you guys, you twisted my arm. Time to do a cover reveal… Coming this Christmas of 2022, a special edition to The Silver Spur Series – yep, more intrigue and a crazy mystery to solve in Who Killed Santa! Just follow my blog or on Amazon or Bookbub to know when Who Killed Santa is ready! No spoilers! You’ll just have to wait.



Just a quick update to let my audio book listeners know that Book 3 in The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series Murder Most Fowl will be coming to Amazon and Audible in May 2022. We are a bit behind in our recording schedule. Thank you listeners for all your kind words and reviews on Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder and The Dastardly Mr Deeds. This audio book will solve the main mysteries in the 3 book trilogy.

March Specials

Lucifer and Mary Jane: All the Devil’s Horses will continue to be on sale for just $0.99 but ONLY until March 15th. It is free for Kindle Unlimited describers. If you love a fast paced angel/devil paranormal adventure, you will love the indomitable Mary Jane, a half-archangel trying to uncover who killed her while trying to find the bandits who stole her uncles horses right out of the Hellfire stables.

Independence – The Holiday Series – Book 4 – a stand alone story is a coming of age modern Western adventure for teens and adults will be FREE on Amazon worldwide from March 17 – 23rd. This is a great read for March break. If you love horses, dogs cattle drives, adventure, with a wee bit of teen romance thrown in, you will enjoy this novel. Go ahead, check it out today. It is also available in audio book for your listening pleasure.

Head on over to your Amazon store today by going to my book store to find your link. Click on the image below.