The Unicorn Daze Series

cropped-gus-jpeg2.jpgReviews of Gus

“Loved it 🎃 🍂 I love this book’s richly descriptive fall scenery. It really puts you in the mood for Halloween. The author who also narrates this book, did a really good job. At times the audio recording had some static, but it wasn’t so bad that it’s distracting. I highly recommend this book for kids who love the fun of fall, even the big kids like me.😉” Audible Review

“A Really Cute Children’s Story w/ Cute Characters. Gus was a super cute short children’s story. I think the time was perfect but maybe the age group should be a little older, say 4-7 rather than 0-4. I suspect a little older age group would understand it better and be more entertained. I myself loved it. I think my youngest grandkiddo would enjoy it as well. The narration by Laura Hesse was good. I’ve listened to her before and enjoy her work. ” Audible Review
“okay it was adorable…I took this book just because I was thinking to give it to my nieces and nephew to listen to but I listen to it first and actually as a 27 years old I enjoyed it it was adorable and very sweet and the next little people that will listen to it will tell me their opinion of course but I think it’s very cute and very good.” Audible Review

“Fun fantasy. This was a fun book and my 12 yr granddaughter loved it! She enjoys fantasy and unicorns are her favorite! She looks forward to listening to the other books in the series.” Amazon Review

Bought this for a group of tween girls who are really into unicorns; they loved it!Amazon Review

Reviews of The Flood

“Awesome story. Children will love this richly descriptive journey into a fun imaginary world. The author who also narrates does a great job. Laura’s voice a good fit plus she’s verbally animated enough to hold a child’s interest. I highly recommend her creative style of writing.” Audible Review

“Her voice is soothing. Laura Hesse’s books for children are so sweet. Her audiobooks literally sound as if a beloved family member is reading to your child. Her voice is very soothing and my three-year-old loves to fall asleep to whatever adventures Gus the unicorn gets up to. This is another fun installation in the adorable Gus the Unicorn series…highly recommend for your little fantasy fiction lover, especially around bed time. ” Audible Review

“A magical story. The Flood is a unicorn fantasy for kids that involves Noah and his ark along with a contemporary child and, of course, a magical unicorn. The story is sweet with a tinge of sadness. This is a nice short story to listen to on a drive with the kids.” Audible Review

Reviews of The Unicorn & The Dragon

“Can’t wait for the next one 🐲. Another wonderful book in the Unicorn Daze series by Laura Hesse. In this installment the ghost of Sir Lancelot comes to aid Jessie and Gus to help take down a dragon. The UD series is a great set of books for children. I highly recommend them. From the richly detailed writing to the wonderfully animated narration you will love these book’s.” Audible Review

“This book is an easy read/listen and highly recommended for readers/listeners of all ages. Kids would surely love the way Laura narrated her book – as I did. It is the first Laura Hesse book I listened to and I am happy to say that I liked it. Unicorn, dragon and the ghost of Sir Lancelot, what else could you want more?” Audible Review

“Who will extinguish the flaming veil of time? A rollicking romp beyond the veil of time on the back of a talking unicorn prince, when before you know it, the veil of time is engulfed in dragon flame! You may be delighted with the solution to this dilemma. There may be other stories before this one which give context to some of the characters and which explain the existence of a magical artifact that came into play in this story, but it can stand alone as well.” Audible Review

Reviews of The King of Christmas

“Adorable story. Very cute and adorable story about a few unicorns whose mission is to save Christmas after Santa’s reindeer get very sick. Definitely something great for children of all ages.” Audible Review

“This one is particular is a lot of fun for holiday nighttime reading with your little one(s), I highly recommend it.” Audible Review

“Three little pigs visit Santa’s reindeer a few days before Christmas and soon they are all sick with colds! Will Christmas be cancelled since the reindeer can’t pull Santa’s sleigh? Or, will Gus and Jesse be able to convince the Unicorn King to let Unicorns pull the sleigh? A wonderful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, fun for all ages. I hope that Ms. Hesse continues to write more adventures for Gus and Jesse!” Audible Review

Reviews of The Unicorn Wears Red

“A fun unicorn story for Valentine’s Day. The Unicorn Wears Red is a fun short Valentine’s Day adventure that is part of a series for kids about a unicorn and a girl. The book will make more sense to readers (and listeners) who have read the previous books, but it should be fun for most elementary school age kids who like unicorns. The book is read by the author who does an ok job. Listening to it is more like story time at the library than a radio play.” Audible Review

“This series is generally a hit with my young daughters and this one was too. I think they got into the Christmas episode a tad bit more than this one. (But that’s hardly surprising — beating Christmas-anything is a pretty high bar for kids.) This plot kept them interested, as did of course unicorns, magic, and the occasional sound effect. It was also a good length. Just right for listening to in a single sitting.” Audible Review