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The Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls

What a wonderful way to spend an evening!!! This book was so fun and wow, what a crazy bunch of Old ladies!! I loved it as I’m almost there myself. I loved every character even the bad guys. There’s so much living, laughing, and loving left in us as we age!!! And oh the stories we can tell!!!! Thank you for such a delightful book!” Amazon Review

Absolutely one of the best, most entertaining books I have ever read. ..I loved this book…great characters. ..great plot. ..I would love to see more of these books.” Amazon Review

A dead guy, a Saint Bernard and an old lady walk into an outhouse – okay two out of three do!

The Montana family just wanted to save their ranch!

They thought they were opening up their sprawling ranch house and their stables to four retired cowgirls and their horses. Turns out three of the four women aren’t cowgirls at all, and their horses aren’t either.

And then there is the cheating husband that came along for the ride.

The word ‘baggage’ just got a whole new meaning.

If you think senior living means the party is over, then you haven’t spent a night at the Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls where romance is in the air and flirting with another woman’s man can be murder.

Do you know what your grandmother is up to?

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Peter Pan Wears Steel Toes (non-fiction/adventure)

Angry bears, friendly skunks, horny moose, ball lightning, and a porcupine with a penchant for eating iron fry pans. This is a real life adventure story – fun for the whole family.

No tan lines! No one to help if something goes wrong!

And no one to stop you from having way too much fun!

Imagine watching the float plane’s pilot wave goodbye as he flies back to civilization without you, leaving you to spend ten days in the bush working with a complete stranger and no one to help if something goes wrong!

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