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The Holiday Series – The Complete River Bend Trilogy

This includes One Frosty Christmas, The Great Pumpkin Ride & A Filly Called Easter (Books 1 – 3 in The Holiday Series). It is a great gift for all seasons filled with inspiring stories of friendship, determination, and the power of horses to heal the world and overcome action, adventure and mystery. Available in audio book around the world on Amazon and Audible. Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE Amazon.UK

One Frosty Christmas – click here for a preview

A handicapped girl and a Metis boy fight to save an old mustang from freezing to death or being sent to slaughter and wind up teaching a small town about the true meaning of friendship. Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE Amazon.UK and itunes

Just Released: The Great Pumpkin Ride – click here for a preview

A mysterious ring of stones in a clearing…an abandoned old trapper’s cabin in the woods… Flickering lights in the forest…the sound of hoof beats in the night…go ahead, we dare you. Join The Great Pumpkin Ride for the ride of a lifetime. We dare you!  Audible.UK   Audible.FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK

A Filly Called Easter – click here for a preview

It is love at first sight when young Linda McCloud sees the pregnant filly called Easter at a local livestock auction, all dreams of buying a new barrel racing horse fly out the window. All too soon the vet becomes a regular at the McCloud family farm. Hope comes in the form of an unlikely ally when Mother Nature enters into the fray. Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE Amazon.UK and itunes

NOTE TO LISTENERS: The Unicorn Daze Series is based on a series of short stories I performed like my grandparents used to do during my school readings. The kids loved them and sometimes asked to participate. The readings were made up of several classes from Grades 1 – 4, with special needs children also in attendance. This is what started me reading these stories in the play format so that the younger and older children as well as those with learning disabilities could follow along. It proved very successful. From some of my reviewers comments, children aged 3 – 5 are really enjoying this format, but adults may find it distracting. No problem though, just ask the kids.

Gus – click here for a preview

Young Jessie Farrell is always being left behind. When she gets lost in a corn maze on Halloween Eve, she is befriended by a unicorn named Gus who takes her on an adventure to meet the Spirit Bear who protects the pumpkin patch from a pumpkin stealing rat.  Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE  Amazon.UK and itunes

The Flood – click here for a preview

Gus, the unicorn takes young Jessie on an adventure through the Great Veil where she meets Father Time and Noah and his wife just minutes before the Great Flood. She also gets a glimpse of Gus’ lost love.  Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE   Amazon.UK  and itunes

The Unicorn King – click here for a preview

Gus and Jessie go on a quest in search of the Unicorn King, Gus’ father. Along the way, they meet a helpful seagull who tells Gus how to cross the Azure Sea without getting wet and must out-smart a shark bent on stopping them.  Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE   Amazon.UK and itunes.

The Unicorn Daze Series: Book One, Two & Three – click here for a preview

Gus, The Flood, & The Unicorn King all in one package  Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE   Amazon.UK and itunes


The Unicorn & The Dragon – click here for a preview

When an evil dragon starts burning the Great Plains, it is up to Jessie, Gus, and the ghost of Sir Lancelot to defeat the dragon and not only save the ones they love, but Time itself.  Audible.UK  Audible.FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK

The King of Christmas – click here for a preview

When the three little pigs give Santa’s reindeer the Swine Flu the night before Christmas, it is up to Jessie and Gus to help Santa save Christmas.  Audible.UK   Audible.FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK

The Unicorn Wears Red

The Unicorn Wears Red audio book will be released February 1st, just in time for you and the kids to enjoy a Valentine’s Day adventure as Gus and Jessie join forces with the naughty seagull to try to save Gus’s lost love, Aslin, from the evil sorceress, Morgana, in this fast paced bedtime short story complete with sound effects.  Audible.UK  Audible. FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK

The Unicorn Daze Series: Books 1 – 6:

Gus, The Flood, The Unicorn King, The Unicorn & The Dragon, The King of Christmas and The Unicorn Wears Red.

A fun series for short bedtime stories for children 4 and up who love unicorns and adventure.  Audible.UK  Audible. FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK


Independence – click here for a preview

A rogue wolf, love struck cowboy, and a cattle drive are only some of the hurdles faced by fifteen year-old Susie Stetler when she is sent to spend the summer in the mountains with her estranged grandmother and eight year-old stepbrother. In one of the hottest summer’s on record, Susie is forced to make a life altering decision, one that if she is wrong could cost her grandmother and stepbrother their lives.  Audible.UK  Audible.FR  Audible.DE  Amazon.UK

Valentino – click here for a preview

An abandoned horse comes to the aid of a blind girl and a Native boy after they are shipwrecked on opposite sides of a desolate island on the west coast in the middle of winter. Inspired by the true story of Will, the horse that got left behind on Jedidiah Island when it was turned over to BC. Parks. Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE Amazon.UK


Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder – click here for a preview

A cop, a pig & a serial killer walk into a bar….if you like Miss Marple, Fargo, or Twin Peaks, then you will love this entertaining dark comedy about a cop and her potbellied pig who stumble upon one bizarre death after the other on a not so sleepy little west coast island.  Audible.UK  Audible.FR  Audible.DE