February is Equine Love Month

Check out the February Deals! Why? Because its February and February means romance. Whether you love a little angel romance or teen romance, these two books will tug at your heart strings – in a good way.

Lucifer and Mary Jane: All the Devil’s Horses: Who killed Mary Jane & stole the devil’s horses? Is she willing to sacrifice her afterlife to save the man she loves? Will it cause Armageddon? The afterlife is complicated. It’s only $0.99 until February 25th. Order now on Amazon: Amazon.com   Amazon.ca   Amazon.uk   Amazon.au

Don’t forget to check out my interview on this book and its creation at Pen in Hand.

Valentino: “A beautifully written enthralling book!” Canadian Horse Journals. A coming of age teen romance about an abandoned horse who comes to the aid of a blind girl and her seeing eye dog and a Haida boy after they are shipwrecked on opposite sides of a desolate island on the West Coast in the middle of winter. Inspired by the true story of Will, the horse that got left behind.

BUY NOW (Audio book): Audible.com Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE

READ MORE on Amazon.com  Amazon.ca  Amazon.UK  Amazon.Australia

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