The Unicorn Daze Series – audio books

unicorn daze 1 - 3 audioNOTE TO LISTENERS OF THE AUDIO BOOKS: The Unicorn Daze Series is based on a series of short stories I performed at middle schools during school readings. I tried to capture the feel of my grandparents tall tales of storytelling when the whole family was gathered around the kitchen table playing cards at their summer cottage. I can still hear my grandfather’s voice in my head all these many, many years later reciting the tale of the Headless Horseman, Paul Bunyan, and his cavalry horse, Big Red.

The kids loved this series of short stories. The readings were made up of several classes from Grades 1 – 4, with special needs children also in attendance. This is what started me reading these stories in the play format so that the younger and older children as well as those with learning disabilities could follow along. It proved very successful and a couple of teachers urged me to publish them.

From some of my reviewers comments on Audible, children aged 3 – 5 are really hooked on this format, but adults may find it distracting. No problem though, just ask the kids to explain it. lol

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