2023 update

Much of 2023 is going to be focusing on recording the audio books for the last two books in The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series, mainly Gertrude & The Sorcerer’s Gold and Chasing Santa, as well as the last two books in The Silver Spurs Series, Bandits, Broads & Dirty Dawgs and Who Killed Cade. The final book in the latter series is still a work in progress as I wasn’t happy with the original story line and am reworking it. I am also thinking of changing the title.

I plan on illustrating The Unicorn Daze Series. I have had several requests from readers. These novels are currently written in an easy to read play format and I will probably revise that formatting. This may take me into 2024 as that is a lot of paintings and I don’t work that fast anymore given I have finally learned to stop and smell the roses, or in my case, sand and salt water. lol

So, it is going to be a busy year. I hope your 2023 is successful and filled with laughter, friends and joy.

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