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ONE FROSTY CHRISTMAS: The last days of the $0.99 promotion are at hand. Sale ends on November 30, 2019.

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THE RIVERBEND TRILOGY – ONE FROSTY CHRISTMAS, THE GREAT PUMPKIN RIDE, & A FILLY CALLED EASTER: November 27 – December 4 on sale for $2.99 on Amazon.com and Amazon.UK only

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VALENTINO: December 5 – December 12 on sale for $1.99 on Amazon.com and Amazon.UK only

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THE GUMBOOT & GUMSHOE SERIES TRILOGY: ALL 3 NOVELS IN ONE: December 6 – 11 on sale for $2.99 on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk only

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The Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls is now ready for pre-order

The Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls

Release Date: November 20, 2019. It is now available for pre-order.

If you love The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series, then you are going to love this new gang of characters!

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Better to ride a good horse for a year than an ass all your life. ~ Dutch Proverb

The Montana family made a big mistake!

They thought they were opening up their sprawling ranch house and their stables to four retired cowgirls and their horses. Turns out three of the four women aren’t cowgirls at all, and their horses aren’t either.

And then there is the cheating husband that came along for the ride.

The word ‘baggage’ just got a whole new meaning.

If you think senior living means the party is over, then you haven’t spent a night at the Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls where romance is in the air and flirting with another woman’s man can be murder.

Please note: This is not the final cover. The cover will be revealed on Wednesday, November 20.

Book Signings on Vancouver Island for 2019

Looks like November is going to be busy for book signings.

November 22 – 23, Christmas Village at the German Cultural Centre in Nanaimo, 10 – 4 each day (71 Calendonia Avenue)

November 30, Black Creek Christmas Craft Show at the Black Creek Hall south of Courtenay, 10 – 4 pm.

My last show will be at the Errington Hall on December 7th from 10 – 4 pm.

Hope to see some of you there.

Deals for November

Current: Until October 29th only – $2.99 on Amazon.com and Amazon.UK only – get the discount at the checkout.




Until the end of November 2019 – Start reading the first book in

The Holiday Series for only $0.99 – One Frosty Christmas – discount on Amazon worldwide.

Teased by the local kids for being a city girl and an amputee, Hannah Storey feels alone and isolated just like the old mustang she sees on the way to and from school every day. Hannah vows to save the pony the local kids have cruelly nicknamed Frostbite from freezing to death or being sent to slaughter, but events spiral out of control. Will Hannah be able to save the pony? Will the townsfolk of River Bend ever accept her? Maybe Hannah Storey is just what the town needs to remember what love, friendship and Christmas is really about.

One Frosty Christmas is now available in audio book: Audible.com Audible.UK Audible.FR Audible.DE.

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Valentino hits #1 Best Seller list

I was so thrilled today, on Thanksgiving no less, that Valentino hit the Best Seller list on Amazon today. The writing of Valentino was a real journey, 10 years in the making. The research that went into this books was endless – Haida culture, heritage gardening, the geography of Jedidiah Island, stories about Will, the horse that got left behind, and survival stories of the West Coast. I was also able to fulfill a promise I made to my friend, Maddie, who is now a young lady with an incredible spirit and love of life.

Thank you to all who purchased and read, Valentino, and to the folks who left such heartwarming reviews. You have also touched my heart.

Laura Hesse


Discounts & Promos for October

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Get the complete Gumboots & Gumshoe Series (regular price $4.99 US) for just:

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Get Valentino – a magical tale of survival for 49% off.

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Get The River Bend Trilogy – One Frosty Christmas, The Great Pumpkin Ride & A Filly Called Easter at almost 50% off

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October 27 – 29th

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