The GS2 – Genre Summit – for budding Screenwriters

I am truly enjoying the videos and podcasts in the GS2 – Genre Summit for budding screenwriters and film students. It was fascinating listening to Uwe Boll, the director of In the Name of the King with Jason Statham, discuss directing, filming and what it takes to distribute a film internationally. So far some of my other favorite interviews have been with Writer/Directors Mike Hurst and Jeff Allard who have been very candid about what it takes to succeed in the business, what to expect, and the pitfalls. Jeff Allard (Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Beginning) shared some great information about book adaptations and securing the rights to older films to produce a re-release.

The overall take that I took away from the videos so far is:

  1. the Director/Writer is the way of the future.
  2. Not every option leads to filming so keep writing and keep optioning.
  3. Don’t expect 6 figures. If you get $10 – $15,000 for a script, that is the general norm for a start-up.
  4. Not every sale of a script means that you will work on the film or on the re-writes.
  5. Stick to it – write every day.
  6. Don’t let the script deviate from the logline.
  7. Write what you love because you may end up only writing in one genre.

Thanks to all involved.

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