The making of Gumboots!

I so thoroughly enjoyed writing this book that I had to make it a series. The idea of a crime fighting duo including a pot-bellied pig and a cop were just too fun and delicious to ignore.

I had the joy of meeting and getting to know a pot-bellied pig named Alfie who would do anything for a dog biscuit. He was highly intelligent and devoted to his owner. Sadly, both have passed now. I hope I did his memory justice in creating the “Gertrude” character.

And I don’t, by the way, have anything against cops. I have family members who serve in law enforcement and am proud of them. What can I say…I’m not politically correct. What writer is?

Seal Island is loosely based on Lasqueti Island. It’s a great place. No electricity. No running water. Loads of self-expression and creative living. It’s a step back in time, filled with millionaires, artists, eccentrics, and just plain nice people. Lasqueti, thanks for the inspiration, you rock!

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