April Deals

Only 2 more days to get this book for $0.99. Price will go up April 3rd to $3.99 E-Book FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

99-preorderBandits, Broads & Dirty Dawgs (Adult).

It is a comedy of errors when two bumbling kidnappers kidnap the wrong women in this sequel to The Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls. Will they get what’s coming to them or will they find out messing with a felon’s fiancée and fiery mistress is more trouble than it is worth?

Throw in four rascally seniors, a donkey race, an irate felon, a double dealing coyote, and a run for the border with a cool three million in the back of a pickup truck, and you’ve got a roller coaster ride of laughs and adventures.

Haven’t read the first book? Don’t worry, you can read this story as a standalone.

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The Silver Spurs Home for Aging Cowgirls – $1.99 US – check it out HERE. 

(Sale of Silver Spurs is on Amazon.uk on April 24th – 30th)

The Thin Line of Reason – a paranormal thriller – $0.99 US – check it out HERE


The Dastardly Mr. Deeds – Book 2 in The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series – $0.99 US – check it out HERE






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