Free & Discounted Children’s Christmas book promos

Starting today, December 16th until December 20th, the children’s short bedtime story, GUS, is FREE on Amazon worldwide. It is a wonderful little story about a girl who gets lost in a corn maze and befriends a unicorn named Gus who takes her on an adventure to meet the Spirit Bear who guards the corn maze from a pumpkin stealing rat. Written in an easy to read play format.

For children and middle grade, get the popular holiday family classic, One Frosty Christmas, from December 23 to 30th, for just $0.99. This Hallmark hanky waving Christmas story is perfect for horse lovers ages 8 – 98. Join Hannah Storey on her quest to save a frostbitten mustang from freezing to death and to teach a town about the true miracle of Christmas. Read more at and (FREE on Kindle Unlimited). You can also join Laura Hesse on Facebook for the 10 day reading of One Frosty Christmas on her author’s page here: It has already started but don’t worry, the videos are up.

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