On Sale today – The Great Pumpkin Ride


Starts at $0.99 from today October 8th to October 11th and then $1.99 until October 15th. Only on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk.

If you camped out at a haunted cabin in the woods on Halloween night, would you leave your horse saddled?  If you painted your pony purple and changed its name to Purple Lightning, will it run faster? What is the mysterious ring of stones in the meadow surrounding the abandoned trapper’s cabin in the woods?  To discover the answers to these questions, join The Great Pumpkin Ride today…go ahead…we dare you! OW AVAILABLE IN AUDIO BOOK!

The Great Pumpkin Ride is now available in audio book: Audible.com  Audible.UK  

Read more on:  Amazon.com  Amazon UK 

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