August Freebies

August Book Deals:

August 13 – 17

Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder, Book One in the Gumboot and Gumshoe Series – FREE on Amazon worldwide.

A comedic cozy mystery series for lovers of Miss Marple or Murder She Wrote.

When Gertrude, a rascal of a pot-bellied pig, discovers widow, Eliza Bone, floating upside down in her Oscar fish tank, Sgt Betty Bruce has a hard time believing Eliza’s death is accidental. The one clue left at the scene is a gumboot print, men’s size 8. After two more bizarre deaths happen on the sleepy little island, Betty is left to wonder if there is a serial killer at work.


August 18 – 22

The Thin Line of Reason – a paranormal thriller – FREE on Amazon worldwide.

Sarah Lancaster and her brother, Bill, have something in common. Too bad they don’t know it.

When a ghost from Sarah’s past walks into her neighbourhood gym, it triggers a game of cat and mouse with a killer that everyone but Bill thinks is dead in this twisted supernatural thriller.


August 20 – 24

Gus, Book One in the Unicorn Daze Series – a children’s short bedtime story for unicorn lovers – FREE on Amazon.

Meet Jessie, a girl who is always getting left behind. When she gets lost in a corn maze on Halloween, she meets a unicorn named Gus who takes her to meet the Spirit Bear who guards the corn maze.

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