Review brought tears to my eyes – can’t thank this reader enough

So I just checked out some of my new reviews on my books, and this review of Valentino brought tears to my eyes. This book, more than any other, was a labour of love. I am so grateful that this story has touched someones heart so profoundly.

“Maddie who is blind is not what I expected in character. She does not let her disability get in her way. The thing that brings her down is the situation she was in and even then it took a while before she started to have negative thoughts. August I liked as well, he was not what I expected a teenage boy to act like but then he did have a different up bringing so he acted mature yet he still had doubts. This is more due to the fact that he is only 16 and has not really experienced life.
I loved the book! It is based more on family, faith (no matter what that is), belief in yourself, never giving up and love for family, friends and animals. The author had me crying at times and my heart beating in anticipation.
I would highly recommend this to all since it is a clean read. “

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