We indie writers are just totally AWESOME

A shared post by fellow indie writer, Brian Meeks:

It’s a dark secret.

Indie authors don’t like to talk about it…

…but we all know it’s true.

The one aspect that doesn’t get talked about in the blog posts or news articles, but is always present in our minds.

We don’t even like to talk about it with each other.

But in hushed tones, maybe off in the corner of a conference, it get’s mentioned. And those within whisper shot will nod in agreement.

I speak of The Burden.

The Burden that we all share, and some have trouble handling.

The Burden that is the life of an Indie Author.


It can be too much at times.

Awesomeness isn’t to be taken lightly.

There are people who work in offices and cubicles that will never know the joy of getting a 5-star review from someone who didn’t give birth to you.

They will never know the joy of royalty revenue.

Their lives will NOT be spent creating worlds, friends, and lovers doing the most amazing things.

The happiness that comes with naming a character after someone who pissed you off in high school, and then killing them, will be never be felt.

We travel to the stars with, solve the greatest mysteries of, and dig into the souls of the most interesting people in the universe…our people…the ones we lovingly built.


Is it hard?

Yes, but in the best possible way.

Do civilians understand?

Yes, and they’re jealous. Being AWESOME is a burden.

I know that everyone of you has felt this burden…because YOU ARE AWESOME, TOO.

Don’t let your own AWESOMENESS weigh you down. Just accept it.

And keep writing books.

This has been a public service announcement.

Now back to your regularly scheduled group posts.

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