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I have to thank all of the following people who have taken the time to leave reviews on my novels on Amazon. As I am an independent publisher and don’t have the money to spend on advertising like the big guns. Reviews translate into my bread and butter, literally. If you have read a copy of any of my books, I would really appreciate if you left an honest review on Amazon or Apple or Kobo or Goodreads…you get it. 🙂 Hugs to all>

Heart felt story. February 13, 2018
Cute story. My daughter could not put it down. Has some exciting and scary parts.
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“Stealing is wrong, Hannah Storey…but if you won’t go see Joseph, Bob, or write to Santa, I’ll help you anyway.” December 19, 2017
1) Why I chose this book : Lengthier book that remained near the top of 100 best seller children’s Christmas books so thought I’d give it a read
2) Any course language present : None I noted
3) Type of book : Adventure story surrounding a horse and a girl whom came to care for it
4) Formatting/Editing : Just a few miscues like a word out of order “Why they were being so mean?” (should be ‘were they”)…Read More
Excellent read November 19, 2017
Surpprisingly excellent read . Was not expecting the funny and real life adventures packed in every chapter .
Recommend for all outdoorsy folk .
Great story for any horse loving girl. May 14, 2017
Loved the story. I know my granddaughter will as well.
Four Stars December 31, 2016
It’s a great teenager story! need more of them!
Five Stars March 5, 2016
I enjoyed it very much, cause I love horse stories.
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Terribly drawn pictures. I could draw better and I can’t draw. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!
Jenn July 10, 2013
Our grand daughter loved this series (a trio of stories) by Laura Hesse….. I would recommend these books for the 12-14 age group. Especially girls.
A filly called Easter November 11, 2012
My horse crazy granddaughter and I both loved this story. Good to find stories for teens on subjects other than vampires, ghosts, and killings.
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the great pumkin ride January 31, 2006
great book for all who love horses and have great imaginations when halloween roles around, how our mind can play tricks on you on hollows eve. great read
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Motivational story. December 30, 2005
A charming, motivational story with a lot of information from the world of horses. The story seems so true that it could actually happen. This is a beautiful and lovely book about children and horses. I will be buying copies for my sister and my friends too. This is an excellent book!!!!!
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Excellent book!!!!! December 25, 2005
I bought “One Frosty Christmas” for my granddaughter. I read it first. I injoyed this book, it touched my heart. This book is about a Hannah, teased by the local kids for being a city girl and an amputee. She feels alone and isolated like the old pony she sees on the way to school every day. She vows to save the pony nicknamed “Frostbite” from frizing to death or being sent to slaughter. This was a great read, from the start…Read More

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