A Filly Called Easter has a new look for 2018

Robin, aka A Filly Called Easter, is a lovely Quarter horse mare owned by my friend, Morna Kaplan. Robin appeared on the original book cover; although, it was a graphic image and not a photo. I was thrilled when I found the original photo and have now updated the cover so that everyone has an image of Easter in their mind when they read the book.

As someone who has been to many livestock auctions, I wanted to capture that moment in time when you see that special horse for the very first time and know instantly that that horse is for you. I think you will agree that this image captures that intensity of feeling.

This morning I also had the chance to listen to the first 15 minutes of the upcoming release of A Filly Called Easter in audio format, narrated by the very talented Leslie Howard. I am so excited for all of our joint fans. Leslie has captured the spunky Linda McCloud to a tee, and her narration draws you right into the story.

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