Defying Hope, 90 minute feature – Horror/Thriller

Defying Hope:

The school of hard love is taken to the next level when a renegade nun chains hooker/ junkie, Hope Sanderson, to a steel girder inside a derelict building in the hopes of helping her break her habit.

Sometimes you need to leap off a cliff, not for the view, but to see how far down the ground really is. Then again, I’ve always liked Monty Python’s line: “And now for something completely different.”

That’s what I did during the re-writing of the horror/thriller screenplay for Defying Hope. I broke down my own barriers and took a leap into the dark side.

Defying Hope is one of the darkest stories that I’ve ever written. Blew my mind really. The re-write was tough as I had to take the screenplay down to its basic story line, characters, and dialogue. The re-write resulted in a faster moving story line with four locations instead of fifteen, more action, and some new revelations about the characters. It is a pretty cool feeling when the characters come to life and take over the story.

And now…back to the writing of Valentino.


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