Art imitating life – does metaphysics have all the answers?

Deja vu and memory are colliding right now. In doing the research for a new story, I found a personal connection to my own life. My mum was on a metaphysical quest when I was young and became involved with a metaphysical society in Ottawa. I was indoctrinated into the society’s beliefs from the 1964 – 1972/73 until my mum left the society – not saying which society at this point – because of the leader’s actions.

I had no choice in the matter.

“It makes your mum happy so go,” my father commanded.

These were the days of hippies, draft dodgers, artists, professionals, and broken souls, all searching to find spiritual healing and fulfillment in their lives as well as answers to the age-old questions: who am I and why am I here?

Because of the society, my dream of owning a horse came true. His name was Pride. Perhaps unknowingly I even helped a pregnant teen (or two or three) find peace in giving their child up for adoption? Maybe because of them, I learned to fly.

I have made peace with myself, both by embracing these teachings and by disbelieving them.

I am now researching a New Age Messiah’s metaphysical work from the 1920’s. My mother used to have a copy of his Work. I may even have read it. It was a long time ago and life has strangely brought me full circle.

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