Gumboot & Gumshoe Series & Comedy

Black Comedy & Comedy/Adventure

It’s Fargo meets Murder She Wrote in this black comedy/murder mystery series where pigs rule and everyone has a secret!

If you love Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote or Mrs. Marple, then you’ll enjoy this trilogy of laugh-out-loud who-dunnit stories set on a not-so-sleepy little west coast island. Go ahead, have a read, everyone needs a laugh!


Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder (Book 1, The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series)

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A cop, a pot-bellied pig, and a serial killer walk into a bar.

From pot farming fishermen and millionaire condom factory moonshine operators to best selling mystery and romance writers with deep, dark secrets, everyone on Seal Island seems to have something to hide.

Sgt Betty Bruce loves the laid back lifestyle of Seal Island until her pot-bellied pig, Gertrude, and side-kick Peaches, a Jersey cow, discover widow, Eliza Bone, floating bottoms-up in her Oscar fish tank. The one clue left at the scene is a set of muddy gumboot tracks. Betty’s problem: everyone on Seal Island wears gumboots.

After several more bizarre deaths occur on the island, Betty and Gertrude soon find themselves in the cross-hairs of a serial killer. In the end, only Gertrude may be left standing.

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The Dastardly Mr. Deeds (Book Two: The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series)

A cop, a pot-bellied pig, and an undertaker know something is a foot.

Sgt Betty Bruce is having a bad day… Three bizarre deaths and a confession that isn’t a confession…

A severed foot in a sneaker that her pot-bellied pig won’t give up… A body of a young woman dubbed The Painted Lady has just washed up on shore…

A young detective with an itchy trigger finger tasered her father’s cow and the locals want to lynch him…

Her dead boyfriend willed her his house … and she has been told to stay out of the way of Chief Inspector Tom Powder. Read more on:,, Amazon.australia

Murder Most Fowl (Book 3: The Gumboot & Gumshoe Series) (the Grand Finale)

A cop, a pig, & a farmer know something smells fowl.

Secrets are revealed. Passion is ignited. Angels get their wings.

Gertrude finds a new buddy in Betty’s new partner, a drug sniffing German Shepherd named Champ.

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The Gumboots & Gumshoe Series – The Complete Trilogy

Now available in e-book only. Includes: Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder, The Dastardly Mr. Deeds & Murder Most Fowl.

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Non-Fiction – Comedy Adventure

Peter Pan Wears Steel Toes (non-fiction/adventure)

Angry bears, friendly skunks, horney moose, ball lightning, and a porcupine with a penchant for eating iron fry pans. This is a real life adventure story – fun for the whole family.

No tan lines! No one to help if something goes wrong!

And no one to stop you from having way too much fun!

Imagine watching the float plane’s pilot wave goodbye as he flies back to civilization without you, leaving you to spend ten days in the bush working with a complete stranger and no one to help if something goes wrong!

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