Screenplays Available & Optioned

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Screenplay Options (Current):

One Frosty Christmas (family), The Great Pumpkin Ride (family), A Filly Called Easter (family), Independence (family), Valentino (family): Optioned to Select Services Films. For Status Information – please call Susan Johnston, President, Select Services Films.

Previous Options:

Independence 2015 – Magic Elevator Productions

Screenplays available:

Defying Hope (horror/thriller): When her friend is rescued from skid row by a solitary nun, Hope Sanderson isn’t surprised when she is left behind, until she awakens chained to a steel girder inside an abandoned building by that very same nun. The lines of good and evil blur as roles are reversed and faith is tested in this low budget – limited cast and location thriller.

Whisper’s Lost and Found (thriller – teens/adults): What was lost can be found! When an arsonist burns down a church, killing one person and leaving one of Amanda “Whisper” Tanner’s best friends fighting for her life in the burn unit, Whisper uses her gift for finding things to track down the arsonist, putting herself in the crossfire of his all consuming rage.  Mid range budget. 7 locations. Ensemble cast with teen lead. Can be filmed anywhere. Ending lends itself to a series spin-off.

Thin Line of Reason: What kind of man wears a dead man’s face? A cop’s sister unwittingly becomes involved in a game of cat and mouse with a killer. . Low budget MOW.  (paranormal thriller) Adapted from the novel.

Gumboots (crime/black comedy), The Dastardly Mr. Deeds (sequel Gumboots): a Fargo-esque black comedy detective series about a pot-bellied pig named Gertrude and her owner, Sgt Betty Bruce, who become embroiled in a search for a serial killer on an island where everyone has something to hide.

Unicorn: Series of 10 minute animated shorts. Animation required. Ideal for children’s web series or app.


  • Author of 3 YA, 1 teen/ adult, 1 non-fiction, 2 adult novels, plus 8 screenplays.
  • Contest standings: 3rd place Winner 8th Annual StoryPro Screenwriting Contest 2015 with Valentino; Semi-finalist in the 2010 and Quarter Finalist in the 2007 Page Awards with A Filly Called Easter and One Frosty Christmas.
  • Previous Options: Independence to Magic Elevator Productions LLC.
  • Produced Short – Opening Narration Script, Inspired By Horses DVD, A Journey of Horsemanship with  Jonathan Field.  Jonathan is one of Canada’s most sought after natural horsemanship clinicians and trainers. Visit
  • Publicist, Joan Larson, Canada’s foremost equine artist. Visit
  • Publicist, Oprah O List Member and celebrated glass artist, Ted Jolda. Visit
  • Publicist, Ken Kirkby and Joan Larson in Two Artists, One Nation, One Community Art Exhibit, Ucluelet, BC (2011)
  • Publicist, Vancouver Island Symphony, BC Boys Choir, and Fred Penner Tour in conjunction with VI Childrens Festival (2009)
  • RCMP Musical Ride Articles: In Her Majesty’s Service (Gaitpost Magazine, Oct/Nov 2009), printed by special permission of the RCMP Foundation & RCMP Musical Ride Management Team;  Calling All Kids – RCMP Name the Foal Contest (Gaitpost Magazine & Horsepower Magazine, May 2010)
  • Freelance Journalist, Oceanside Star, 2009-2011, and Homes and Living Magazine 2009.

For Treatments or Scripts, please contact Laura Hesse at or phone (250) 248-7589