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Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder:  a Fargo type of Cozy Detective black com/murder mystery with a comedic twist – yep, had fun with this one.

From pot farming fishermen and millionaire condom factory moonshine operators to best selling mystery and romance writers with deep, dark secrets, everyone on Seal Island seems to have something to hide.

Sgt Betty Bruce loves the laid back lifestyle of Seal Island until her pot-bellied pig, Gertrude, and side-kick Peaches, a Jersey cow, discover widow, Eliza Bone, floating bottoms-up in her Oscar fish tank. The one clue left at the scene is a set of muddy gumboot tracks. Betty’s problem: everyone on Seal Island wears gumboots.

When semi-retired Supreme Court Judge, Violet Bone, arrives on the island for her sister in-law’s funeral, she instinctively knows that Eliza’s death was not accidental.

After several more bizarre deaths occur on the island, Betty and Violet join forces, but soon find themselves in the cross-hairs of a serial killer.

In the end, only Gertrude may be left standing.

Or looking for a scary, but not pee-in-your-pants scary, thriller, then check out…

The Thin Line of Reason  (Paranormal Suspense thriller)

The Thin Line of Reason“Bill scanned the formidable darkness for signs of shifting ghosts, flimsy beings that prowl the thin line of reason, the place where desire meets obsession, and reality and illusion collide.  They hide there, on the periphery of sight, dark phantoms clothed in moth-eaten rags, racks of bones filled with lust and cruelty, their hunger sated only by madness and addiction.”

Sgt. Bill Lancaster of the Nanaimo RCMP is a recovering alcoholic who is still mourning the death of his friend and partner, Sgt. Ben Moore. He jumps at the chance to catch his killer, Josef Stein, but events go horribly wrong. Unable to believe that Stein is dead, he turns to his sister for support, but she is battling her own demons. The beautiful Sarah Lancaster is not only dealing with their eccentric mother, but her employer’s amorous advances. When a ghost from the past begins stalking Sarah, she fears for her sanity and ignores her mother’s pleas of warning.

In “The Thin Line of Reason”, everyone wears a mask!

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