Unicorn lovers – childrens

Unicorn Daze – The Series

A young girl, Jessie, befriends a unicorn and embarks on a series of adventures, many of which center on specific holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Jessie starts out as a very timid girl, always the one being left behind and forgotten by her family, but begins to grow, finding strength in body and spirit through her adventures with Gus, son of the Great Unicorn King. Gus is a great disappointment for his father. Gus too is struggling to become the son that is father always wanted him to be. As Gus and Jessie become embroiled in a series of adventures, their bond deepens and their confidence grows as they learn to put others needs above their own, often calling upon an unwavering braveness that neither knew they had.

Books are published in an easy to read play format. They can be read as is or out loud as a bedtime story, with or without voices, or acted out as a play. Reading level is 7 and up, but the stories can be read to 4 – 6.

Book One:  Gus

Young Jessie is always being left behind. When she gets lost in a corn maze on Halloween Eve, she is befriended by a unicorn who takes her on an adventure to meet the Spirit Bear who guards the pumpkin patch from a pumpkin stealing rat.

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Book Two: The Flood – just released


Join Gus and Jessie as they take a leap back through time to meet Noah and his wife just minutes before the Great Flood and learn what happened to all those silly unicorns in this short bedtime story.

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