The making of Gumboots!

I so thoroughly enjoyed writing this book that I had to make it a series. The idea of a crime fighting duo including a pot-bellied pig and a cop were just too fun and delicious to ignore.

I had the joy of meeting and getting to know a pot-bellied pig named Alfie who would do anything for a dog biscuit. He was highly intelligent and devoted to his owner. Sadly, both have passed now. I hope I did his memory justice in creating the “Gertrude” character.

And I don’t, by the way, have anything against cops. I have family members who serve in law enforcement and am proud of them. What can I say…I’m not politically correct. What writer is?

Seal Island is loosely based on Lasqueti Island. It’s a great place. No electricity. No running water. Loads of self-expression and creative living. It’s a step back in time, filled with millionaires, artists, eccentrics, and just plain nice people. Lasqueti, thanks for the inspiration, you rock!

NEW RELEASE on April 10, 2013!

Running L Productions and Laura Hesse are pleased to announce the release of the Magical Manga Fairy Coloring Book on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013. Print copies will be available worldwide on Amazon.

This fun and creative 30 page coloring book, by Canadian emerging artist, Shatisha Mararie, is devoted to the Manga style of art work including Kawaii, Chibi and Shoujo. Anyone who enjoys the magical and whimsical world of fairies will enjoy these wonderful pictures.

The artist known as Shatisha Mararie makes her home on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. She has found her own unique way of dealing with her autism through art. She is currently enrolled in a University Arts Program.

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Manga Fairy color book